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  1. Department of Electrical Engineering

    The Department of Electrical Engineering is an excellent department with plentiful vigor and infinite development potentialities. The department has elite faculty composed of outstanding doctors from all over the world and a brand-new Electrical Engineering Building. Under the great learning environment, we expect to educate students by means of both lecture teaching and academic research. Our department include Bachelors Degree, masters degree, doctoral degree and On-the-Job Graduate Program. Along with the flourishing development of electrical and computer engineering industry, we continuously enlist distinguished teachers and excellent students to make our teaching and research more active, and work towards world-class department as our goal.


    Teaching Facilities

    1. The department has a brand-new building over 10,000 m2, which provides sufficient space for at least 600 undergraduates and 400 graduate students.

    2. The well-equipped Optoelectronic Semiconductor Research Center offers support for teaching and research in semiconductor and optoelectronic fabrication, MEMS, VLSI manufacturing, and so on.

    3. In 2000, the Men Yao Chip Center providing a complete teaching and research environment for chips was established with IC design tools, solution packages, and video conferencing equipment from our distinguished alumnus, Dr. Gerald C. Hsu.

    4. Various teaching laboratories and research laboratories are fully-equipped. Currently, the public laboratories include Communication Lab, Networks Lab, Electrical Machine Lab, Control Systems Lab, Electrical Engineering Lab, and the professional laboratories include Wireless Multimedia and Communication Lab, Neural Fuzzy Systems Lab, Digital Image Processing Lab, Wireless Communications & Networking Lab, Advanced Electrical Control Lab, Bioinformatics Computing & Control Lab, System Integration Lab, Advanced Optoelectronics Lab, Devices and Materials Analysis Lab, Nano-structured Photovoltaic Device Lab, SOC & DSP Lab, RF IC Lab, Mixed Signal Circuit Design Lab, etc.

    5. The department holds over 10,000 reference books and more than 400 kinds of periodicals related to electrical engineering.


    Education Characteristics

    1.SolidityPresently the department is divided into four teaching and research groups, Communication/Information, Control System, Electronics, and System-on-Chip groups. Each group promotes the relative professional knowledge and variant training courses which are conform to the needs of the times.

    2.ProfessionThe faculties of the department have experiences on the domestic/foreign academic and industrial worlds, so they can provide professional curriculum for variant fields.

    3.PracticeIn order to serve the demands of Central Taiwan industry, we establish a close channel on the cooperation projects with industries and provide to cooperate researching and teaching with related organizations.

    4.CreativityWe encourage students to join the faculty’s research program and to make theoretical and practical works cooperate well.

    5.ServiceTo cultivate the talented person for the industrial circles urgent needs of professionals, we assist to hold various spreading education of short-term training programs on the fields of Electrical, Information, Electronic, and soon.